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Supply chain management for leaders and decision makers

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$599 general public or $559 for Curtin alumni, current students and staff

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“Supply chain” has become a societal buzzword since the effects of the pandemic were felt by consumers. The threat of Christmas being cancelled and pictures of empty supermarket shelves have made “supply chain” an emotive term in society. But do you really know what a supply chain is?

The popularity of the term has caused many people to invent their own definitions of “supply chain” and the term has long been confused with the term “value chain”.

By understanding the fundamentals of supply chain management, leaders and decision makers can think more creatively about providing customers with a solution to the obstacles faced in getting the right quantity of the right goods to the right place at the right time.

This one-day masterclass will focus on the role of logistics in supply chain management.  It will provide participants with ideas for innovative decision making by taking a first-principles approach to common problems faced by supply chain professionals and how they can be solved.