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Active seniors

Are you over 50? Exercise can significantly improve your muscle strength and endurance, bone density, balance, flexibility, coordination and mental health.

What is Curtin Active Seniors?

Curtin Active Seniors is a supervised group program for people over the age of 50. The program incorporates weight training, balance activities and health education guided by our trainers.

Eligibility and what to expect

To join Curtin Active Seniors you will need to see your doctor for a medical clearance to participate in the program. You will also require an introductory consultation with our one of our trainers before you’re first group session.

This consultation helps evaluate your condition and needs before starting to ensure you receive a safe and effective exercise program. It will include a full health screening, previous exercise history and lifestyle evaluation, physiological measures and functional tests. We will review your consultation every 12 months in conjunction with your doctor’s clearance.

Group session times

Sessions run for 60 minutes and consist of your individualised exercise program followed by a group warm down. If you need to change your registered session days or times, please contact us. Curtin Active Seniors group sessions run all year round.

Monday8am to 9am9am to 10am
Tuesday9am to 10am10am to 11am
Wednesday7am to 8am8am to 9am9am to 10am
Thursday9am to 10am10am to 11am
Friday7am to 8am8am to 9am9am to 10am

Fax details

For GP referrals, you can fax us on +618 9266 1933.