Recent protests have shone a light onto the racism and discrimination that still exists all over the world in 2020. This has led Australians to reflect on discrimination close to home against indigenous peoples and contemplate how we can do better and become more inclusive as a nation. 

In this episode, Tom is joined by Curtin Nyungar cultural advisor Mrs Ingrid Cumming and Curtin research Fellow Professor Cheryl Kickett-Tucker to discuss the topic of reconciliation and what we can do to bring all Australians together as one.

  • What is reconciliation? [00:47]
  • What can universities and schools do for reconciliation? [04:42]
  • The first Aboriginal bilingual Wikipedia page in history [11:45]
  • The importance of language in reconciliation [15:40]
  • Decolonising spaces [20:07]
  • The next steps in the reconciliation journey [30:20]

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