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Australian or NZ libraries

Curtin Library is a member of the National Borrowing Scheme which allows students and staff from member universities to borrow in person from any other participating Australian or New Zealand university libraries.

To register, apply in person at the library you wish to use. Make sure you take some proof of identity, proof of current enrolment and current address. You will need to return borrowed items to the library from which you borrowed them – you cannot return them at Curtin Library.

Registration and borrowing are free of charge. Membership is personal and not transferable.

Your borrowing privilege will expire on 28 February of the following year. Registration may be renewed by application each year.

Penalties and fines for late return of material are at the discretion of the lending library. Failure to comply with rules and practices of a host library may also entail sanctions at Curtin Library.

If an item is not returned, Curtin Library will eventually be billed for the replacement cost of the item plus an administration cost. Once this has happened you will be required to reimburse to Curtin Library any amounts paid on your behalf.