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Arts and creative industries

Develop your creativity and apply critical thinking to make your mark on a constantly changing world.

Change is closer than you think

Interested in the written word, performance arts, fashion, fine arts or media? Our diverse range of creative arts, design and communications courses mean you can follow your passion while gaining the skills and knowledge to positively impact lived experiences.

Our graduates are working as internationally recognised filmmakers, fashion designers, journalists and novelists.

Flexible course structure

Tailor your degree to suit your individual career goals, skills and interests.

Gain real-world experience

Undertake fieldwork, professional placements or work on projects to gain experience on the job.

Future-proof your career

Learn both the technical craft of your discipline and agile skills that you can apply across different jobs.

Graduate amplifies the voice of marginalised communities

Curtin Bachelor of Arts graduate Marcus Wong recently won Curtin University’s Young Achievement Award at the 2020 Curtin Alumni Achievement Awards for his work advocating for marginalised communities in Africa, Asia and regional Australia. Both during his degree and after graduation, Wong volunteered his filmmaking, photography and design skills to raise awareness and funding for a children’s home in Uganda and a non-profit organisation supporting women in Ethiopia who have experienced domestic violence. “I never really liked the idea that some people are ‘voiceless’. I think everyone has a voice, but the issue is, we’re not listening. My role as a filmmaker and photographer is to amplify those voices and share their stories to people in places like Australia.”