Management HQ

Management HQ is temporarily closed due to building refurbishments and is estimated to reopen towards the end of 2024. 

Management HQ simulates real-world corporate decision making and is inspired by neuroscience and space ergonomics. 

A highly interactive space ideal for brainstorming ideas, Management HQ was designed to help students visualise and assimilate data, formulate strategies, problem solve and collaborate on projects.

This cutting-edge facility uses the latest technology to create an immersive learning environment, enabling students to master data analytics and visualisation, strategic decision-making, and high performance teamwork. The screens in Management HQ will provide students access to real-world cases from organisations around the world, simulation exercises and access to data from real-life companies, including news and commentary, and organisational, financial and social data. 

The simulation software in the facility also allows students to see the outcomes of their decision-making in real time and revisit their decisions to achieve the desired results.