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Curtin University
Curtin Yammer toolkit

What Yammer looks like

Once you've finished the process of signing up and creating your profile, this is what your Yammer homepage will look like. Areas are highlighted with explanations below.

What a personalised Yammer newfeed looks like


  1. Click on your image or username to see the conversations you're involved in, your details and who you're following. You can then click on 'Edit Profile' to change your details, photo, password, email notification settings and more..
  2. Down the left side of the page there's a list of the groups you've joined. Click on any group to see their latest conversations. You can click on the '+' sign to create your own group.
  3. Here you can post an update, question or link to the feed.
  4. There are three different ways to view messages in your news feed: ’Discovery’ shows conversations from groups you are a part of, as well as the most engaging content from the network, 'All' is every conversation ordered with those that have the most recent comments at the top, and 'Following' is conversations posted only by people you are following.
  5. To participate in a conversation, you can 'like' a post, which will cause the words "[your name] likes this" to appear under the post. You can also reply and add your own comment or share the post with a private group. Clicking on '…' will give you more options.
  6. Yammer will suggest people for you to 'follow', which means their posts will appear in the 'following' tab at the top of your newsfeed. You can also follow people by hovering over their name when you see it in your newsfeed, and clicking 'Follow'.
  7. Click the ‘home,’ ‘inbox’ and ‘notifications’ icons to navigate to these pages. ‘…’ reveals options including a directory of all users called ‘People Directory.’