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Curtin University
Curtin Yammer toolkit

Social media guidelines for staff

We've put together some 'best practice' guidelines to help you use social media effectively and responsibly, and to protect your personal and professional reputation - and that of the university.

See the guidelines.

Formalities and house rules

Formal stuff you need to know

The short version: behave on Yammer as you usually do at work.

The long version:

House rules

Our Yammer channel is open to all current Curtin staff. We encourage you to use this community to help with your work, develop working relationships, connect with like-minded colleagues, and reach out for help where you need it. All we ask is that you remain respectful and follow these simple house rules to promote a positive online environment:

Please remember that there are formal avenues to give feedback at Curtin. If you have an issue, first use the appropriate channel to address your concern before posting on Yammer. We strongly encourage positive and constructive feedback when posting on Yammer. Views expressed by our community don't necessarily reflect the views of Curtin, but you know this already. While this is a closed network, please also understand that in running this channel we of course need to abide by the Curtin Code of Conduct, ICT Appropriate Use and Australian Laws regarding defamation and copyright infringements. For more information see our staff obligations.