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Curtin University

Consultancy services

Curtin manages consultancy and training programs through the Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancy Unit (RGCCU) within the Office of Research and Development and through Faculty Consultancy Coordination Units within each faculty.

Some examples of commercial interaction between Curtin and external clients include:

Faculty Consultancy Coordinators are located within the following areas of Curtin:

In the provision of services, the RGCCU and Faculty Consultancy Coordination Units draw on Curtin's human and capital resources as well as staff from other universities, colleges and private industry and are strategically positioned with access to Curtin's considerable consulting expertise in a variety of fields and disciplines. There are few other institutions that have such a wide and diverse collection of expertise in one organisation and which have the substantial recurrent investment in modern facilities and technology. Quotes for consultancy work are prepared in accordance with University policies.

For questions relating to consultancy activities please contact:

The Faculty Consultancy Coordinators listed in this section; OR

The Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancy Unit
Office of Research and Development
Level 2, Chancellory Building 100 Dumas Rd, Bentley, WA, 6102.

Melinda Thompson
+61 8 9266 7112
+61 8 9266 3793