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Countering Online Violent Extremism Research

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The Countering Online Violent Extremism Research (COVER) Program is a hub of multi-disciplinary research activity dedicated to understanding the phenomenon of radicalization – online and in other forms. We are developing effective ways to counter the process and aim for practical outcomes from our research. We have a focus on social media as a tool for radicalisation and countering violent extremism (CVE). We also research in the area of civil society movements and their roles in CVE. The use of victim/survivor and former terrorist narratives bring these research interests together.

Curtin University has been delivering research outcomes with practical implications for government and law enforcement in countering violent extremism- including online forms of radicalisation since 2011. Partnering with international institutions and organisations, the COVER Program comprises a range of research projects and activities that explore various facets of the relationship between violent extremism and the internet.

The objectives of the COVER Program are:

  • The creation of a critical mass of innovative research activity across different disciplines in the subject matter of violent extremism including online forms;
  • The collection of information, research and evidence about the phenomenon of online violent extremism;
  • Dissemination of research through conferences, seminars and workshops both nationally and internationally;
  • Influencing research agendas in Australia and the region in key aspects of violent extremism;
  • Developing understanding of online violent extremism and how to counter it informed by effective, valid and robust research;
  • Ensuring that Australian strategies and programs targeting violent extremism are based on evidence and knowledge and not untested assumptions, thereby increasing the likelihood of success.

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