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Professional Learning Essentials

Essential information for new to Curtin University staff involved in learning and teaching activities 

Curtin Learning and Teaching (CLT) are making changes to the professional development offerings for staff involved in learning and teaching activities are occurring during 2016-2017.  Numerous online modules are being created across the University to form part of an adaptive Professional Learning Framework. Though there will continue to be several opportunities for face to face, and distributed mode, professional learning workshops, learning, these self-paced modules offer staff greater flexibility in terms of time, location and depth of learning. This framework will be progressively expanded to hold different learning options and to address different staff roles (e.g. Unit Coordinators).  

Download current professional learning offerings [.pdf - 192kB]

The FOLT program (‘Foundations of Learning and Teaching at Curtin Program’) has been discontinued and from the beginning of Semester One 2017, the following four modules associated with a part of the Framework, the Professional Learning Essentials (PLE) curriculum, will be available. The modules connected to this curriculum are aimed primarily at staff who are new to Curtin University though any staff can complete them – with the approval of their line managers.  Though all staff should undergo an induction to their school/department, completion of the PLE modules will prepare staff for broader University expectations. 

The following four modules associated with the PLE curriculum are: 

  • Introduction to Professional Learning Essentials (Pilot v.01) 30-40 minutes

This first module gives instructions about how to navigate the Professional Learning Essentials modules and about the overall structure of the PL framework.  Information about the learning and teaching environment at Curtin University especially the importance of the ‘Curtin Teaching Excellence Criteria’ is provided along with explanations about how this is aligned with the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards.   

  • Introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and Culture @ Curtin (Pilot v.01) 20-30 minutes

This module is an introductory pathway to the University’s intercultural learning and teaching space.  It contains a brief overview of: the Centre for Aboriginal Studies; Curtin’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP); Level One of the ‘Indigenous Cultural Capabilities Framework’ (ICCF) and; suggestions as to where staff can access information for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge into the curriculum. The overall aim is to prompt staff to explore and participate in further related professional learning. 

  • Academic Integrity: Copyright for Staff:  

This module is comprised of six consecutive ‘mini-modules’ covering the topics of:

  1. Copyright Basics  -  an introduction to copyright and what constitutes copyright infringement
  2. Attribution and Moral Rights - the importance of attributing third party content in teaching material
  3. Fair Dealing - under what circumstances the fair dealing exception can be employed
  4. Statutory Licences Part I - an examination of Statutory Licence Part VB for Text and Graphic works
  5. Statutory Licences Part II - an examination of Statutory Licence Part VA for TV and Radio Broadcasts and Collective Music Licences
  6. Reading Lists and Blackboard - organising unit readings through the library’s Reading Lists service to ensure Blackboard units remain copyright compliant. 
  • Academic Integrity: Contract Cheating 20-30 minutes

What do you do if you suspect that a student has submitted work that might not be their own? This module on contract cheating will help to answer that question and will give staff an introduction to the concept of contract cheating, also known as ghost-writing. This module is appropriate for all staff in teaching roles, and those who manage issues related to academic misconduct.

The ‘Introduction to Assessment @ Curtin’ module will be released during March and new staff will be contacted as soon as it is available. Other modules will be released during the year and improvements made to the earlier modules as we receive feedback.  Also note Curtin is a member of a consortium of universities who are creating a MOOC (massive open online course) especially for staff new to teaching in the Australian higher education environment.  The MOOC will be available later this year and the MOOC modules can also contribute to the 7 hour professional development expectations (as per the ‘Professional Development in Tertiary Teaching for Teaching Staff Policy’).

All staff involved in learning and teaching activities please note:
  1. Check your iPerform tab in the Staff Oasis and if a module is listed, during this transition period, we advise consultation with your line manager, Dean of Learning and Teaching and CLT staff, regarding the best option for you and/or your staff.
  2. If you wish to complete alternative professional learning opportunities, in line with the ‘Professional Development in Tertiary Teaching for Teaching Staff Policy’, again you must consult with your line manager, who with the acknowledgement of the Curtin Learning Institute and your Dean of Learning and Teaching will ascertain whether the training selected constitutes part, or all, of the required ‘seven hours of professional development in teaching at the tertiary level’.  
  3. Become familiar with the following information to help you comply with University policies and/or federal legislation:  
  1. We also strongly recommend you look at the following Curtin websites:  
  1. Sessional teaching staff also note you must consult your Unit Coordinator for information about your responsibilities to your students and the significance of the Unit Outline.  
  1. Finally, to all staff, we acknowledge you will be supported within your faculty but remember you are always welcome to contact staff in Curtin Learning and Teaching,  Curtin Library, Office of the Academic Registrar, and other areas, to discuss learning and teaching related matters.  


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